Gym Equipment

Barbell Set: A bar with weighted disks, which may be adjustable, attached to both the ends for exercise purpose and weight lifting.

Dumbbell Set: Dumbbell sets are used normally in gyms and at other places for exercise purpose. These equipment are normally used for weight lifting using one hand.

Fitness Ball: Fitness balls help stimulate the muscles such as the deep pelvic, abdominal, and low back muscles. The continuous use is may help you to build a good posture, balance and movement control.

Kettlebell Set: Kettlebell swing is an ideal set of equipment to exercise at any place including your home. It helps you to lose body fat and improve your cardiovascular fitness

Pullup Bar: Pullup bar may be one of best exercise equipment to keep yourself fit and healthy. A great exercise for reducing your belly fat and growing your back muscle.

Treadmills: A great alternative to outdoor walking. The equipment comes with various options for features such as speed, inclination etc. Good for the improvement of blood circulation in the body, and reducing the blood pressure by strengthening the heart.

Pullup Frame: Used for pull-ups for building your hand muscles and reducing your belly fat. The pullup frame can be used at home and is a part of exercise necessary to build yourself fit and healthy.

Rowing Machine The equipment is good for the heart and lungs. This exercise falls into the category of cardio exercise which strengthens the cardiovascular system.

Stationary Bicycle: Helps in burning calories which leads to weight loss. An average person can loose 260 calories by exercising for 30-minute ride on a stationary exercise bike.

Training Bench: Training bench exercise involves the chest exercise, shoulder exercise, and the triceps of the upper arms. These exercises help in the growth of the muscles at different parts of upper body.