Bedding Items

Bedsheets: Bedsheets cover and protect the mattress. Few bedsheets with the elastic band holds them firmly in right place on top of mattress to ensure a smooth, soft surface.

Blankets: A bed without blanket can’t be imagined especially during winters. The blankets give you a good night sleep and come in various shapes, sizes and qualities.

Mattresses: It’s very important to have a quality mattress to have a good night sleep. These come in various shapes and sizes. Mattresses vary from being very soft to very hard depending on the customers’ choice.

Pillows: Pillows are specifically used to keep your spine in a neutral position to align your neck with the rest of your body. This is done in order to get a good posture during sleep.

Quilt: Quilts are designed in 3 layers – the upper, middle and lower. the upper and lower layers are woven and stitched together filled in between by an another material. The quilts are used to cover your body to give you warmth during sleep.